San Teodoro

San Teodoro is one of the most important and popular village in the North-east Cost of Sardinia (Italy). Landscapes are enchanting and from the hills that surround the city centre you can admire breath-taking panoramas with view on the magic Tavolara Island.
The residential zone, part of the Gallura region, has a population of about 4,500 inhabitants but in the months of high season it reaches 100,000 daily presences thanks to the numerous accommodation scattered throughout the municipal territory.

The Village is lively but at the same time very hospitable and quite, you can walk along the streets of the centre until late at night in complete safety.

Young people can find a lot of opportunities of leisure and fun, excursion on the mountain and sea, diving, concerts, live music and nightclubs.

In the renowned Puntaldia is located one of the most appreciated Marinas in Sardinia.