• Is it the best solution for my needs?

    The most important thing to know about Sardinia and especially San Teodoro is that you need the car!!! Guests usually ask for apartments by the sea (to reach it on foot) and of course we can satisfy their requests but having the car is convenient to visit the other beaches! When we propose apartments “out of hand”, a bit far from the sea and the city centre, please take into account the silence and quite of the area! Accommodation by the sea are often smaller and most “lived”… moreover. It’s better looking for large spaces just outside the nightlife area not so far, just a few!!! Tell us your needs and we will try to find the best solution together!

  • I want to book an apartment, how can i send the deposit?

    The deposit has to be sent within 3/5 days from confirmation of the reservation through bank transfer or postal order.

  • I can’t send the deposit on time! What happens?

    Please call and inform us, we will put an option on the reservation till the reception of the deposit. On the contrary we’ll delete the reservation.

  • What should i take with me?

    Apartments are equipped with all kitchen utilities: plates, dishes, tableware and pots. Bed linen and towels are not included. It’s possible to hire sheets at the cost of € 15, 00 per person per week. We advise to bring some tablecloths too.

  • Should we clean the apartment before living?

    Final cleaning is included in the price but it would be fair to keep it tidy; You have to clean just the kitchenette, on the contrary it will be refunded € 50,00 from the bail.

  • Can i book in different days from saturday?

    Yes, you can! You can book from Saturday to Saturday or from Tuesday to Tuesday.

  • Is it possible to book for 10 days?

    Yes, it is. For example, you can arrive on Tuesday and leave on Saturday or the opposite.

  • We are in late for the check-in. How do we get the key to the apartment?

    Our staff is at your complete disposal till 10:00 p.m. Otherwise, we will give you specific information on how to get to your apartment. It’s necessary to agree before.

  • We have a pet, is it possible to bring it with us? Is there an additional cost?

    Yes, it is. Pets are welcome but depends on the apartment, It’s necessary to agree before. No additional cost.

  • We have booked for three people but there is one more, what can we do?

    You should inform immediately the Staff that will check the availability in the booked.