The Territory

San Teodoro is a newly developed tourist village, just 27 km from the harbour and airport of Olbia. The most striking aspect of San Teodoro is the vastness of its territory and the biodiversity contained in it. La Cinta Beach is the most famous stretch of coastline that has given fame to the village. But there are other stunning beaches to visit in San Teodoro, a heavenly context crystal clear waters surrounded by Mediterranean scrub and junipers carved by wind and time.

No less impressive is the territory of the Monte Nieddu mountain, where you can make trekking along the old street of the charcoal up to the wonderful Pitrisconi waterfalls, or reach the peak of “Pitrisconi” on a mountain bike or on horseback.

San Teodoro is part of the Marine Park Area of ​​Tavolara Punta Coda Cavallo. Many and rare species of water bird and marine animals live in the lagoon and in the area around Tavolara island. It’s the perfect location for the sports and outdoor life lovers: bird watching, snorkelling, diving, horse riding, kitesurfing, sailing and windsurfing.