La Cinta Beach

La Cinta is the most famous and popular beach of San Teodoro. Located on the northern part of the town, it is easily reachable by via Via Del Tirreno and Via Gramsci. The beach, characterized by a fine white sand, stretches with an arched shape for about 4.5 km. A narrow strip of land with a rick vegetation, separates it from the waters of the lagoon. La Cinta is the ideal place for long and healthy walks; the northernmost part, between the sea and the lagoon, presents naturalistic aspects of great interest, both in terms of fauna and flora. In the last part of the area where the lagoon communicates with the sea, there is a thicket of tall juniper trees, sabinas, large spots of mastic and rosemary. From the shore you can admire the birds that populate the lagoon (flamingos, cormorants, gulls, ducks, herons, etc.) and the picturesque locks of the fishpond.